What We Do

Nonprofit Development and Public Affairs

We deeply believe in the social good that our nonprofit and for-profit clients do each day. Addressing complex social issues often requires creative problem solving. Whether your goal is to raise funds, to achieve a desired public policy outcome, to engage a community in your cause effort, our team of fundraisers and advocates are dialed in to the community at all levels and we are here to help you win.

Brand Strategy and Income Development

Your brand is about more than your company product, logo, website or name. In this age of hyper-connected customers, constant change and elevated consumer expectations, we make sure your relationship with your key audience is rock solid. Our seasoned team of brand strategists have been at the forefront of several award winning brand initiatives, resulting in higher brand relevance, deeper emotional connectivity, and ultimately, a better bottom line.

Multicultural Marketing Communications

The media landscape is noisy, and at times can be divisive. At Collins Hayes, we understand that there is far more that unites us than divides us. Through the work of our dedicated team, we work with clients to build authentic programs that reflect the needs and values of an increasingly diverse consumer base. As the multicultural practice lead for our partner agency, Brodeur Partners, we leverage the relevance model and combine analytics of traditional consumer insights with deep knowledge and understanding of cultural influences that shape our life experiences. Armed with this insight, we build consumer campaigns and promotions that connect your brand to the heart of your customer, and help you reach new audiences for greater awareness.